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The Descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva meeting together since 1886
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Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.2625932, Longitude: -71.8022934

City/Town : Latitude: 42.2625932, Longitude: -71.8022934


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ellen L.  Abt 1837Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7544
2 Adams, Lucille Roberta  24 Mar 1899Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4582
3 Baril, Shanon   I4961
4 Black, Stephen Douglas Jr.   I974
5 Brousseau, Mark   I6623
6 Brousseau, Michael   I6624
7 Caravalho, Ruth Frances  16 May 1947Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I5588
8 Coolidge, Basil Earle Jr.  15 Mar 1934Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I579
9 Coolidge, Chester Clarke  14 Jun 1898Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I340
10 Coolidge, Harry Horatio  6 Jul 1880Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I313
11 Coolidge, Milton Lewis  18 Mar 1911Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I420
12 Coolidge, Nellie Wilder  18 Apr 1889Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I314
13 Cummings, Leslie E.  10 Feb 1902Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2581
14 Dawgiewicz, Ashley Rae   I3004
15 Dawgiewicz, Jeffery Mark   I3005
16 Delvey, Ruth Gertrude  1 Oct 1885Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I80
17 Ferrandino, Karen Anne   I9016
18 Ferrandino, Robert   I9017
19 Field, Alice Maud  15 Jan 1883Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I77
20 Field, Helen Ruth  2 Jan 1918Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I118
21 Gibeault, Brandan John   I8115
22 Gonyea, Patricia Ann  8 Sep 1946Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I5213
23 Halloran, Sean Michael   I4747
24 Kukas, Joseph Anthony   I2713
25 Lamonda, Dorothy Eva  8 Jun 1921Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2726
26 Lamonda, Edward E. Jr.  8 May 1911Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2721
27 Lamonda, Florence Isabelle  1 Nov 1914Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I400
28 Lamonda, Francis Jeremiah  15 Sep 1893Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I542
29 Lamonda, Helen J.  4 May 1909Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2720
30 Lamonda, Herbert W.  20 Mar 1913Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2722
31 Lamonda, Mary V.   I2725
32 Lamonda, Ralph Stanley Sr.  2 Aug 1930Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2733
33 Lamonda, Raymond J.  11 May 1918Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2724
34 Lamonda, Ruth F.  9 May 1928Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2727
35 Lamonda, Walter R.  1916Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2723
36 Lamont, Hattie Bess  9 May 1890Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I462
37 Leary, RoseAnne   I9018
38 May, William Waterman  25 Dec 1875Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1159
39 McKenney, Marie Etta   I233
40 Moore, Earl Warren Jr.  19 Dec 1927Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I5525
41 Nelson, David Peter  13 Nov 1938Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1318
42 Nelson, Doris Hildergard  15 Apr 1928Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I603
43 Nelson, Roland Alfred  21 Jul 1907Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1314
44 Nelson, Roland Alfred Jr.   I1315
45 Nelson, Ruth Evelyn   I1316
46 North, Kenneth J.  27 Jan 1911Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I518
47 Novak, Darren Gabriel   I8255
48 Novak, Jensen Alexander  16 Dec 2013Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8039
49 Ohrn, Ralph J.  7 Oct 1907Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2776
50 Pierce, Charles Merritt  5 Mar 1817Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I3154

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Nelson, Roland Alfred  28 May 1922Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1314
2 Nelson, Ruth Evelyn   I1316


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Redford Elmer  12 Dec 1939Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1876
2 Atherton, Eleanor Marie  4 Oct 2005Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I144
3 Bagdonas, Stanley A.  28 May 1982Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I612
4 Bryant, Merton Ellis  5 May 1998Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1270
5 Cederlund, Claus G.  8 Aug 1982Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4396
6 Chase, Eleanor M.  4 Jun 1875Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8774
7 Clarke, Ella R.  3 Jul 1898Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I339
8 Connor, Mary  Abt 1932Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7606
9 Coolidge, John Craig  11 Aug 2003Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I604
10 Curtis, Elizabeth A.  24 Sep 1910Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8771
11 Delvey, Charles Fessenden  9 Dec 1883Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I37
12 Delvey, Charles White  29 Apr 1903Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I49
13 Delvey, Ruth Gertrude  4 Jan 1891Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I80
14 Delvey, Sarah Frances  15 Nov 1952Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I71
15 Dill, Walter Harold  5 May 1981Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I6882
16 Drake, Elizabeth Hall  2 Nov 1922Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I55
17 Duca, Janet J.  20 Nov 1995Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I5589
18 Elliot, Frances  26 Dec 2010Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2703
19 Gabaee, Debbie  05 Dec 2000Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I3015
20 Gillis, Dorothy  14 Jul 1968Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I449
21 Gonyea, John George  6 Sep 1973Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4299
22 Hapkins, Hazel K.  1964Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2897
23 Haubenreiser, Elsa Martha  22 May 1994Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I473
24 Hunter, Phyllis M.  28 Nov 2015Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1707
25 Hunter, Theron Walter  24 Jan 2001Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I5875
26 Ingraham, Mary Lucina  23 Jul 1926Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I73
27 Lamonda, Dorothy Eva  5 Aug 1993Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2726
28 Lamonda, Helen J.  19 Sep 2001Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2720
29 Lamonda, Ralph Stanley Sr.  7 Mar 1997Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2733
30 Lamonda, Raymond J.  27 Feb 1956Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2724
31 Lamonda, Ruth F.  25 May 1992Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2727
32 Lamonda, Walter R.  1932Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2723
33 Lawlis, Ruth Lucy  10 Mar 1941Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1158
34 Lind, Ida Christina  28 Nov 1954Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2804
35 Martin, Thomas Joseph  13 Jun 1986Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I6320
36 Moore, Earl Warren Jr.  29 Apr 1938Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I5525
37 Moore, Earle Warren  29 Apr 1938Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1069
38 Moore, Frank Herbert III  16 Dec 1993Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4647
39 Moore, Raymond Hunter  13 Nov 1964Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1067
40 Moore, Thomas Edward  14 Jan 2009Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4595
41 Nelson, Doris Hildergard  7 Apr 2012Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I603
42 Nelson, Roland Alfred  1 Dec 1979Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1314
43 O'Brien, Russell Grant  21 Dec 2007Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2257
44 O'Donnell, Thomas Percy  25 Apr 2001Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I6162
45 Olson, Ruth Lillian  6 Oct 1990Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1363
46 Öhrm, Axel Theodore  1941Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2777
47 Raboin, Blanche L.  13 May 2001Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I5526
48 Rathburn, Eleanor Doris  20 Jun 2016Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1250
49 Russell, Hirum H. S.  17 Jul 1894Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I5340
50 Smith, Helen Ruth  18 Apr 1992Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I115

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Curtis, Elizabeth A.  27 Sep 1910Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8771
2 Delvey, Arthur Nelson  14 Mar 1913Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I54
3 White, Justin Peter  12 Jun 1909Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8761

Married to

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married to    Person ID 
1 May, William Waterman  10 Oct 1906Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1159


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Alice  1910Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8779
2 Ellen L.  1870Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7544
3 Ellen L.  1880Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7544
4 Ida R.  1940Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8461
5 Malaine  1940Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2950
6 Adams, Redford Elmer  1870Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1876
7 Adams, Redford Elmer  1880Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1876
8 Adams, Redford Elmer  1930Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1876
9 Bryden, Sarah  1880Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I5341
10 Chase, Eleanor M.  1865Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8774
11 Chase, Eleanor M.  1870Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8774
12 Coolidge, Frank Arthur  1880Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I283
13 Coolidge, George William  1880Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I280
14 Coolidge, George William  1900Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I280
15 Coolidge, Harry Horatio  1900Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I313
16 Coolidge, Nellie Wilder  1900Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I314
17 Coolidge, Walter Watson  1880Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I281
18 Curtis, Elizabeth A.  1880Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8771
19 Curtis, Elizabeth A.  1910Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8771
20 Danahy, May  1930Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I5455
21 Delvey, Arthur Nelson  1880Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I54
22 Delvey, Charles Fessenden  1880Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I37
23 Delvey, Charles White  1900Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I49
24 Delvey, Chester Warren  1880Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I53
25 Delvey, Sarah Frances  1900Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I71
26 Delvey, Sarah Frances  1910Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I71
27 Delvey, Sarah Frances  1920Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I71
28 Delvey, Sarah Frances  1930Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I71
29 Delvey, Sarah Frances  1940Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I71
30 Dill, Florence  1900Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2519
31 Dill, Grace E.  1900Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2518
32 Dill, William L.  1900Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2516
33 Drake, Elizabeth Hall  1880Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I55
34 Drake, Elizabeth Hall  1900Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I55
35 Gonyea, Dennis John  1910Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I5584
36 Hapkins, Harris C.  1940Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2915
37 Hapkins, Hazel K.  1940Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2897
38 Houghton, James Augustus  1900Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I5375
39 Hugare, Jennie  1910Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8397
40 Hugare, Jennie  1920Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8397
41 Hunter, Lucille May  1930Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1702
42 Ingraham, Mary Lucina  1900Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I73
43 Ingraham, Mary Lucina  1910Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I73
44 Ingraham, Mary Lucina  1920Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I73
45 Lamonda, Abraham  1900Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7735
46 Lamonda, Abraham  1910Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7735
47 Lamonda, Dorothy   I7633
48 Lamonda, Dorothy   I7633
49 Lamonda, Dorothy   I7633
50 Lamonda, Dorothy Eva  1930Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2726

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Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Field, Charles Frederick  12 Sep 1918Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I75
2 Lamonda, Francis Jeremiah  5 Jun 1917Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I542
3 May, William Waterman  12 Sep 1918Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1159


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 Pratt, Lucie Delvey  1867Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1776


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Graduation    Person ID 
1 Brackett, Shirley Elaine  Abt 1947Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1870
2 Kelton, Richard Coolidge D.V.M.  1920Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I356
3 Whitmore, Charles W.  1973Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4141


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 Öhrm, Axel Theodore  11 Sep 1900Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2777


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Wherin, Lucy J.  22 Aug 1870Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1649


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Dorothy M.  1961Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2857
2 Bagdonas, Stanley A.  1958Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I612
3 Bagdonas, Stanley A.  1982Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I612
4 Delvey, Chester Warren  1884Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I53
5 Doubleday, Warren Nehemiah  1931Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I416
6 Duca, Janet J.  1959Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I5589
7 Gillis, Dorothy  1958Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I449
8 Hapkins, Hazel K.  1959Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2897
9 Houghton, James Augustus  1879Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I5375
10 Hunter, Lucille May  Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1702
11 Ingraham, Mary Lucina  1907Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I73
12 Lamonda, Helen J.  1959Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2720
13 Lamonda, Herbert W.  1961Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2722
14 Lamonda, Ralph Stanley Sr.  1959Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2733
15 Lamonda, Ralph Stanley Sr.  1992Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2733
16 Lawlis, Ruth Lucy  1939Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1158
17 Moore, Charlene A.   I6019
18 Moore, Raymond Hunter  1958Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1067
19 Moore, Raymond Hunter  Abt 1960Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1067
20 Nelson, David Peter Jr.   I8401
21 Nelson, Judith Ann   I1319
22 Nelson, Roland Alfred  1939Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1314
23 O'Brien, Kathleen A.   I6183
24 Ohrn, Ralph J.  1959Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2776
25 Pratt, Laura  1879Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7393
26 Rochon, Daniel Francis   I1482
27 Rochon, Glenn David   I1481
28 Shepardson, Stella C.  1941Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1292
29 Webster, Berthalene Isadore Amelia  1958Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4583
30 Whitaker, Viola Belle  1961Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts I398


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adams / Spencer  3 Jul 1883Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts F62
2 Coolidge / Clarke  3 Apr 1897Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts F172
3 Coolidge / Kearney  2 Oct 1907Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts F198
4 Coolidge / Lewis  18 Dec 1878Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts F167
5 Delvey / Russell  7 Feb 1884Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts F49
6 Drown / Smith  14 Oct 1908Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts F1235
7 Gonyea / Volka  27 Jun 1914Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts F2724
8 Lamonda / Whitaker  22 Oct 1907Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts F2716
9 May / Robbins  14 Aug 1875Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts F754
10 Moore / O'Brien  04 Jun 1925Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts F2164
11 Moore / Raboin  01 Nov 1936Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts F681
12 Nelson / Lawlis  1932Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts F753
13 Olnstead / Mullins   F3453
14 Pratt / Goddard  26 Jun 1886Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts F3532
15 Radovanovich / Dill  4 Nov 1907Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts F1514
16 Smith / Delvey  28 Nov 1893Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts F61
17 Stone / Lamont  7 Nov 1911Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts F218
18 Whitenett / Shepardson  28 Feb 1946Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts F817