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The Descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva meeting together since 1886
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Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.590354, Longitude: -72.3097914


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Sarah Ann  5 Sep 1812Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5451
2 Atherton, Alton Don  27 Dec 1939Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I145
3 Atherton, Eleanor Marie  2 Jul 1938Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I144
4 Atherton, Ernest Harvey  4 Mar 1936Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I143
5 Ballou, Derrill Henry  5 Apr 1923Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2354
6 Ballou, Elizabeth Loraine  18 Apr 1924Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2355
7 Barber, Eloise Viola  27 Mar 1893Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I102
8 Barber, Elwyn Chester  6 Apr 1929Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I172
9 Barber, Frederic Merritt  23 Apr 1905Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I106
10 Barber, Harold Albert  22 Aug 1890Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I101
11 Barber, Lee Wilfred  29 Nov 1897Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I103
12 Barber, Maurice Harding  27 Oct 1903Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I105
13 Barber, Robert Weston  10 Sep 1906Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I107
14 Barber, Roland Wilber  18 Sep 1902Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I104
15 Barcome, Bruce Gale  19 Oct 1944Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I874
16 Battle, James  18 Jul 1809Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5450
17 Battle, Nancy Olivia  8 Oct 1840Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I808
18 Bergquist, Donald Carl  08 Aug 1929Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2118
19 Briggs, Carl Chadwick Jr.  13 Nov 1919Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2132
20 Briggs, Frank Pearson  11 Dec 1922Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2133
21 Briggs, Marjorie Arline  26 Mar 1916Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2131
22 Brown, Blanche Ella  06 Jun 1895Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I3974
23 Burke, Dustin Mahlon  9 Nov 1927Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1839
24 Burke, James Alfred  30 May 1925Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1838
25 Carpenter, Elizabeth Greta  16 Jan 1930Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2348
26 Carpenter, Ella E.  5 Jun 1899Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2332
27 Carpenter, Robert Eames  31 Aug 1904Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2333
28 Chamberlain, Erma Florence  16 Sep 1892Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2062
29 Cornwell, Linda M.  19 May 1947Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2272
30 Cummings, LT Robert Winthrop USN  23 May 1915Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2180
31 Darling or Orcutt, Ellen  Abt 1842Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4154
32 Day, Almeda Wait  18 Nov 1840Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2450
33 Deegan, Patricia Althea   I1164
34 Delvey, Charles Battle  30 Jan 1869Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I810
35 Delvey, Freddie James  19 Mar 1879Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5293
36 Delvy, son  22 Feb 1883Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I368
37 Dill, Richard Vaughn  6 May 1928Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7291
38 Dill, Violet Mable  10 Mar 1908Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2572
39 Dunican, Percy John  3 May 1908Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1258
40 Eaton, Arthur Wallace  6 Nov 1902Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1142
41 Eaton, Arthur Wallace Jr.  10 Nov 1923Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1299
42 Eaton, Grais Dorothy  21 Apr 1906Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1143
43 Eaton, Robert Leslie  4 May 1925Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1300
44 Eddy, Robert Harding  15 Oct 1880Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I824
45 Fellows, June A.  10 May 1915Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5512
46 Field, Estella Louise  17 Dec 1889Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1047
47 Fleming, Edward Percival  21 Feb 1876Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1689
48 Fleming, Erroll Edward  15 Feb 1904Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1690
49 Fleming, Mearle William  31 Jan 1905Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1691
50 French, June Louise  17 Feb 1926Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I853

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Parker, Howard Willis  20 Aug 1911Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I836


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Sarah Ann  1855Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5451
2 Atherton, Ernest Clifton  4 Jan 1951Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I86
3 Atherton, Ernest Harvey  31 Oct 1987Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I143
4 Ballou, Cecil Stiles  5 Jun 1952Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2338
5 Ballou, William Henry  11 Jan 1919Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2336
6 Barber, Roland Wilber  26 Nov 1902Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I104
7 Barcome, Gale David  13 Mar 1977Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I873
8 Barnes, Charles Lauriston  11 Mar 2000Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I251
9 Battle, James  9 Sep 1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5450
10 Battle, Nancy Olivia  22 Mar 1917Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I808
11 Bergquist, Donald Carl  22 Aug 1997Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2118
12 Bowman, Sarah Jane  14 Oct 1875Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I6170
13 Briggs, Carl Chadwick Jr.  02 Dec 1922Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2132
14 Briggs, Carl Chadwick  28 Dec 1972Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2130
15 Brigham, Emily Emma  16 Mar 1869Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2320
16 Brown, Florry Eugene  18 Feb 1897Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I3775
17 Carlson, Agnes Otellia  27 Mar 1936Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I835
18 Carpenter, Bessie B.  14 Oct 1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2331
19 Carpenter, Clara E.  18 Oct 1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2330
20 Carpenter, George R.  21 Jul 1961Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2329
21 Collier, Eugenia Laura  26 Oct 1941Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1056
22 Curtis, Roxanna  21 Apr 1882Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5290
23 Day, Robert  21 Jul 1841Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I9163
24 Delva, Anna Emery  23 Oct 1934Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2032
25 Delva, Betsey Melinda  15 May 1923Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2028
26 Delva, Carl Winthrop  23 May 1977Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2051
27 Delva, Ellen Maria  14 Nov 1915Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2025
28 Delva, Emeline Fuller  18 Jul 1925Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2023
29 Delva, Susan Jane  20 Oct 1923Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2026
30 Delvey, Freddie James  31 Aug 1880Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5293
31 Delvey, Jonathan  4 Jun 1915Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I800
32 Delvey, Lois  7 Jul 1917Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I802
33 Delvey, Ruth Melinda  9 Sep 1923Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I801
34 Delvy, Isabel Ruth  2 Nov 1894Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I300
35 Dexter, Mabel A.  Mar 1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2325
36 Eaton, Adelbert Seaver  3 Feb 1926Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1141
37 Eaton, Arthur Wallace  8 Nov 1967Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1142
38 Eddy, Robert Harding  31 Oct 1880Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I824
39 Ferguson, Maria Leola  1953Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4505
40 Field, Estella Louise  28 Aug 1903Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1047
41 Field, Sumner Wallace  29 Dec 1922Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1039
42 Fitzmorris, Francis Michael  28 Dec 1986Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7222
43 Fuller, Lucy Maria  29 Mar 1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2019
44 Gould, Lydia Augusta  1932Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I441
45 Gunson, Rosetta  14 Dec 1943Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2052
46 Hallberg, Pehr Gustaf  31 Jan 1913Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I6883
47 Handley, Mary Gertrude  02 Jun 1953Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2057
48 Harding, George  25 Apr 1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I812
49 Harding, Grace Idella  28 Aug 1950Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I815
50 Higgins, Charles Wesley  2 Dec 1914Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2035

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Barber, Robert James  Mar 1922Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I165
2 Hunter, Mildred Evangiline  26 May 1909Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1694
3 Mason, Eva Delva  Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2041

Married to

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married to    Person ID 
1 Barber, Frederic William  14 Dec 1911Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I100
2 Beach, Florence Mildred  22 Jun 1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7339
3 Crosby, Robert Daniel  16 Aug 1869Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I834
4 Jillson, Eliza Emma  1927Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7510


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Harriet  1860Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7415
2 Lettie V.  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7424
3 Lucinda Rachel  1860Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I9216
4 Lucinda Rachel  1865Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I9216
5 Sarah Ann  1850Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5451
6 Adams, Florence Cora  1930Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2346
7 Anthony, Charles H.  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2048
8 Atherton, Alton Don  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I145
9 Atherton, Eleanor Marie  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I144
10 Atherton, Ernest Clifton  1930Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I86
11 Atherton, Ernest Clifton  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I86
12 Atherton, Ernest Harvey  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I143
13 Atherton, George Ernest  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I88
14 Baldwin, Charles A.  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I8392
15 Baldwin, Charles A.  1930Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I8392
16 Baldwin, Charles A.  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I8392
17 Baldwin, Virginia Maude  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1301
18 Baldwin, Virginia Maude  1930Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1301
19 Baldwin, Virginia Maude  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1301
20 Ballou, Cecil Stiles  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2338
21 Ballou, Cecil Stiles  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2338
22 Ballou, Cecil Stiles  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2338
23 Ballou, Clarence Ernest  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2340
24 Ballou, Clarence Ernest  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2340
25 Ballou, Derrill Henry  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2354
26 Ballou, Elizabeth Loraine  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2355
27 Ballou, Grace Maud J.  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2339
28 Ballou, Ralph Burton  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2337
29 Ballou, Richard Cecil   I2356
30 Ballou, Stephen Charles  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2335
31 Ballou, William Herbert  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2334
32 Ballou, William Herbert  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2334
33 Ballou, William Herbert  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2334
34 Barber, Arlan Frederick   I173
35 Barber, Eloise Viola  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I102
36 Barber, Eloise Viola  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I102
37 Barber, Eloise Viola  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I102
38 Barber, Eloise Viola  1930Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I102
39 Barber, Elwyn Chester  1930Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I172
40 Barber, Elwyn Chester  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I172
41 Barber, Frederic Merritt  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I106
42 Barber, Frederic Merritt  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I106
43 Barber, Frederic William  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I100
44 Barber, Frederic William  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I100
45 Barber, Frederic William  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I100
46 Barber, Harold Albert  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I101
47 Barber, Lee Wilfred  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I103
48 Barber, Lee Wilfred  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I103
49 Barber, Lee Wilfred  1930Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I103
50 Barber, Lee Wilfred  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I103

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Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Atherton, George Ernest  16 Oct 1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I88
2 Ballou, Cecil Stiles  5 Jun 1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2338
3 Ballou, Cecil Stiles  1942Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2338
4 Ballou, William Henry  Jun 1917Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2336
5 Barber, Lee Wilfred  1942Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I103
6 Barber, Robert Weston  16 Oct 1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I107
7 Clark, Walter Harrison  1942Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1160
8 Eaton, Adelbert Seaver  12 Sep 1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1141
9 Field, Horace Franklyn  29 May 1917Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1044
10 Fleming, Edward Percival  12 Sep 1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1689
11 French, Harold Floyd  1942Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I852
12 McKenney, Avery Shaw  5 Jun 1917Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I167
13 McKenney, Avery Shaw  1942Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I167
14 McKenney, Donald Walter  16 Oct 1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I170
15 McKenney, Everett Arnold  16 Oct 1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I168
16 Moore, Raymond Hunter  12 Sep 1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1067
17 Parker, Leon Willis  5 Jun 1917Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I819
18 Parker, Leon Willis  1942Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I819
19 Prentiss, Joseph Edwin  5 Jun 1917Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1144
20 Prentiss, Joseph Edwin  1942Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1144
21 Rock, Fred John  12 Sep 1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I158
22 Stone, Donald Herrick  5 Jun 1917Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I855
23 Stone, Donald Herrick  1942Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I855
24 Wetmore, Leslie Thomas  16 Feb 1942Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I97
25 Wetmore, Roy Delvey  5 Jun 1917Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I95
26 Whitney, Watson Holbrook  12 Sep 1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I822
27 Wilber, Leo Thaddeus  5 Jun 1917Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I380


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Employer    Person ID 
1 Brown, Doris  From 1967 to 1991Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I239
2 Wilber, Gladys Viola  say 1950Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I111


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Graduation    Person ID 
1 Atherton, Timothy Ernest   I197
2 Ballou, Betty-Sue R.N.  1951Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2358
3 Barber, Arlan Frederick   I173
4 Barber, Elwyn Chester  1948Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I172
5 Barber, Lee Wilfred  1914Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I103
6 Barnes, Rollin Sanford  1965Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I591
7 Barnes, Stephen Sumner  1961Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I590
8 Brown, Doris  1947Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I239
9 Delva, Lois Ann  1948Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2107
10 Dike, Sally Mae  1949Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2399
11 Dill, Violet Mable  1927Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2572
12 Fleming, Erroll Edward Jr.  1946Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1722
13 French, Kathryn May  1950Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I854
14 Geikie, PRC Bruce Michael USN  1977Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I201
15 Geikie, Cara Marie   I203
16 Geikie, Glenn Timothy   I202
17 Geikie, Lisa   I5832
18 Jean, Bernard J.  1983Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I9126
19 Lyman, Guy E.   I4076
20 McKenney, Barbara Ann  1950Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I230
21 McKenney, Deborah Jane   I258
22 McKenney, Joan Eloise  1958Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I232
23 McKenney, Robert Wallace  1954Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I231
24 McKenney, The Rev. Robert Wallace Jr.   I257
25 McKenney, Tracy Ann   I259
26 Prentiss, Jean Field  1935Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1145
27 Raymond, Barry Delva   I2191
28 Reid, George Leo III   I263
29 Richards, John Francis  1977Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I970
30 Russell, Richard Kelton  1960Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I584
31 Tandy, John Robert  1966Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I571
32 Webster, Brenda Lee  1980Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2872
33 Whitmore, Charles W.  1971Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4141
34 Whitney, Mary Jane   I2199
35 Williams, David Prentiss  1965Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1304


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Field, Sumner Wallace  8 May 1882Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1039
2 Fleming, Erroll Edward  1925Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1690
3 Prentiss, Joseph Edwin  1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1144
4 Whitney, Watson Holbrook  14 Feb 1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I822


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Membership    Person ID 
1 Eddy, Robert Carpenter  28 Jun 1875Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I823
2 Kelton, James Edwin  1879Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I164
3 Rock, Fred John  1923Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I158
4 Wilbur, Thaddius Henry  1885Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I379


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miscellaneous    Person ID 
1 Dill, William Clarance  12 Sep 1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2496

Moved to

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved to    Person ID 
1 Grover, Grace Adeline  1927Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1287
2 Prentice, Annie Elizabeth  1906Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I108
3 Shepardson, Cecil Fayette  1927Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1129


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Smith, Robert F. Sr.  1992Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I6041

Office Held

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Office Held    Person ID 
1 Kelton, James Edwin  From 1886 to 1888Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I164
2 Kelton, James Edwin  From 1898 to 1908Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I164
3 Roy, Capt. Robert Gladwin  1959Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I885


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Aimee   I9102
2 Lori A.   I3423
3 Lori A.   I3423
4 Rose   I8942
5 Atherton, Eleanor Marie  2005Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I144
6 Atherton, Ernest Clifton  1921Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I86
7 Atherton, Ernest Clifton  1934Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I86
8 Atherton, Ernest Harvey  1960Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I143
9 Atherton, George Ernest  1928Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I88
10 Atherton, George Ernest  1958Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I88
11 Atherton, Timothy Ernest   I197
12 Baldwin, Virginia Maude  1993Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1301
13 Baldwin, Virginia Maude  1994Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1301
14 Ballou, Betty-Sue R.N.  1942Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2358
15 Ballou, Cecil Stiles  1928Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2338
16 Ballou, Elizabeth Loraine  1958Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2355
17 Ballou, Elizabeth Loraine  2000Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2355
18 Ballou, Linda Marion   I911
19 Ballou, William Henry  1912Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2336
20 Barber, Arlan Frederick   I173
21 Barber, Lee Wilfred  1944Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I103
22 Barcome, Gale David  1980Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I873
23 Barcome, Gale David  1985Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I873
24 Barnes, Charles Lauriston  1957Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I251
25 Barnes, Charles Lauriston  1992Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I251
26 Barnes, Charles Lauriston  1996Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I251
27 Barnes, Larry Loriston   I254
28 Barnes, Larry Loriston   I254
29 Barnes, Stephen Sumner  1996Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I590
30 Barnes, Stephen Sumner Jr.   I2828
31 Barnes, Stephen Sumner  Jan 2000Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I590
32 Barnes, Stephen Sumner Jr.   I2828
33 Bates, Thomas Jonathan   I966
34 Bates, Thomas Jonathan   I966
35 Bates, Thomas Jonathan   I966
36 Bergeron, Dawna Anita  1960Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I196
37 Bezio, Melissa Sue   I4013
38 Boiteau, Cecile J.  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I234
39 Brown, Harry W.   I2311
40 Brown, Harry W.   I2311
41 Brown, Harry W.   I2311
42 Brown, Harry W. Jr.   I3435
43 Carr, David   I971
44 Chase, Caroline Rebecca  1916Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I56
45 Chesley, Ida Mae   I2307
46 Chicoine, Edward J.   I3436
47 Clough, Dana Paul  1960Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I3750
48 Clough, Doris May  1960Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I129
49 Clough, Warren   I7465
50 Clough, Warren   I7465

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Retired    Person ID 
1 McKenney, Barbara Ann  1998Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I230


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Higgins, Charles Wesley  13 Feb 1912Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2035


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Anderson / Dill  1928Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1536
2 Atherton / Bergeron  21 Jun 1952Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F106
3 Atherton / Harvey  28 Jul 1934Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F72
4 Ballou / Dike   F1403
5 Ballou / MacNeill  02 Sep 1963Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1397
6 Ballou / Rickey  10 Nov 1909Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1383
7 Ballou / Sault  07 Oct 1944Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1401
8 Barber / Brown  1948Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F124
9 Barber / Graves  4 Nov 1919Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F87
10 Barber / Johnson  Yes, date unknownOrange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1516
11 Barber / Kelton  1917Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F85
12 Barcome / Parker  25 Dec 1941Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F498
13 Barnes / McKenney  20 Jun 1953Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F136
14 Bergquist / Anderson   F1261
15 Bolza / Whitney  06 Oct 1945Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1258
16 Briggs / Pearson  12 Jul 1915Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1223
17 Brodeur / Stone  05 Sep 1953Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F511
18 Brown / Cornwell   F1342
19 Brown / Hamlen  25 Dec 1893Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1964
20 Burke / Hunt  08 Nov 1924Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1082
21 Carr / Johnson   F551
22 Cook / Ballou   F1419
23 Deane / Higgins  19 Feb 1928Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1216
24 Delva / Hornbeck  03 Sep 1924Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1207
25 Delvey / Piper  27 Apr 1895Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F3591
26 Delvy / Moore  6 Jan 1882Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F183
27 Doolittle / Delva  17 Apr 1869Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1186
28 Doran / Higgins  15 May 1959Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1217
29 Eaton / Baldwin  12 Oct 1951Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F746
30 Eaton / Field  15 Dec 1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F658
31 Fleming / Hunter  29 Nov 1901Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1003
32 Fleming / Stowell  1927Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1017
33 Geikie / Atherton  4 May 1957Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F107
34 Gibbs / Higgins  11 Jan 1905Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1194
35 Grant / Wetmore  10 Jul 1948Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F115
36 Hager / Field  3 Dec 1913Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F657
37 Harris / Dean   F1264
38 Hunter / Snyder  25 Dec 1909Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1006
39 Jean / Geikie   F3652
40 Johnson / Thomas  1 Jan 1891Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F691
41 Johnson / Webster   F548
42 Kelton / Jillson  7 Dec 1879Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F120
43 Lindquist / Pearson  04 May 1921Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1224
44 Marble / Pierce  19 Apr 1899Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F986
45 Mayo / Mayo  14 Feb 1861Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1542
46 Mayo / Robbins  21 Apr 1903Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1510
47 McKay / Johnson  23 Jan 1943Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1283
48 McKenney / Jones  8 Feb 1932Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F122
49 Mehr / Peirce   F1434
50 Monette / Davis   F1355

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